Abruzzo Pallotte Cacio e Ove

A comforting and delicious dish of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese and Bread fried puff balls, in the Abruzzo Region in Italy style tomato sauce. A common dish much like meatball marinara, but without any meat.

Passatelli Haluski

A fusion of Italian and Eastern European. The result of this with passatelli is irresistible!!
I first had passatelli in chicken broth in Ravenna Italy. It was glorious! Parmigiano Reggiano is so delicious in this dumpling it makes you swoon

Sicilian Chard and Rice with Greek Lemon Broth

I am a first generation Sicilian making a comforting soup of my childhood. We grow our own fresh organic chard in the yard to make this simple comfort food. It is so flavorful I’m surprised no one else makes it. It must be topped with the sweet umami of Parmigiano Reggiano or it’s not on point. I have combined this childhood favorite with my passion for Greek food. The result is a fantastic blend of Italian and Greek cuisine.