Kevin Chiam



Product Type:

Kitchenware for the blind


The Folks collection consists of three tools designed for people with impaired vision – a knife, chopping board and teaspoon. The knife has a pivoting guard which protects and guides the fingers like a physical anchor during the cutting process, reducing the risk of injury. Food that is stuck on the blade can also be cleared with a simple trigger. After usage, the guard can be removed for cleaning. The chopping board is paired with a side tray, which pegs freely on all sides of the board. It acts as an extension of the hand to gather and efficiently transfer ingredients with less spillage. Used in any cup/glass/mug, the teaspoon’s integrated buoy floats when liquid is added. It thus becomes a reference point that informs the blind of impending liquid contact. This lowers risks of scalds or burns.


The project incorporates the theme of “diversity” by acknowledging that not everyone is the same, and it would be helpful to create products for people who are visually impaired but like to cook. Cooking can be dangerous for the vision-impaired. To overcome these challenges, Folks leverages natural, sensory feedback and tactile cues, enabling visually impaired people to prepare food safely, with confidence and dignity.