The White Truffle Festival 2020


Parmigiano Reggiano is proud to be the Participating Partner of the 2020 White Truffle Festival, the amazing seasonal event presented by Urbani Truffles and Prunotto Wines. In its fifth year in the US, the festival celebrates some of the best that Italian dining has to offer through a series of exceptional dining experiences at fine restaurants across the country – and the introduction of new recipes that feature the flavor of Parmigiano Reggiano with that of white truffles.

The White Truffle Festival 2020,
because life is worth celebrating

To describe 2020 as a tumultuous year would certainly be an understatement. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on many families as well as many businesses across the globe. Life has been especially difficult for restaurants. We kept this in mind when developing this year’s program and we are delighted that so many great restaurants in cities across the country have embraced this event. Please visit the White Truffle Festival site, where you will find almost 200 restaurants in places like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and more. And we invite you to support these restaurants and safely enjoy a special meal with white truffles from Urbani, cheese from Parmigiano Reggiano and a pairing of exceptional Prunotto wines.

Parmigiano Reggiano, Urbani Truffles, Prunotto Wines:
An unforgettable combination.

This year, for the first time, Parmigiano Reggiano joined Urbani Truffles and Prunotto Wines as a Participating Partner in the White Truffle Festival 2020. As part of this celebration of fine Italian dining, our US Brand Ambassador, Chef Michele Casadei Massari, developed a couple of special recipes that combine the unique qualities of white truffles with the distinctive flavor of Parmigiano Reggiano to deliver an unforgettable culinary experience – and for maximum enjoyment he recommends that these recipes be savored while enjoying a glass of Prunotto Barolo or Prunotto Barbaresco.

Here’s a link to the recipes:

Started in 1852, Urbani Truffles is considered the world’s
most respected distributor of Italian truffles.

Over the last 160 years, the Urbani family has worked directly with local truffle hunters from Alba, who search for the truffles with the help of specially trained dogs deep in the forests of Langhe, a fertile area with rolling hills that is also known for producing great wines. These hunters follow ancient traditions, harvest the truffles, then bring the best of their harvest to Urbani. Fresh from the ground, these truffles are delivered to tables across the world, from New York City to Tokyo. During the White Truffle Festival they are paired with Parmigiano Reggiano – much to the delight of food lovers and epicureans alike.

Also from Alba, Prunotto is famous for its tradition
of exceptional winemaking.

Prunotto is also located in Alba, on the right side of the Tanaro river. The Prunotto family started makig wines in this area in 1905 – and focused their production on exceptional Barolos and Barbaresco wines. Eventually, the natural beauty of the gently rolling hills and small sloping valleys with meticulously cultivated vineyards caught the attention of the Antinori family. In 1989 they decided to invest in this region and acquired Prunotto wines, confident that they could make Prunotto what it is today, not just one of the most important winemaking estates in the Piemonte region – but a wine that is perefectly paired with a sampling of Parmigiano Reggiano.