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Grow-n-Glow is an intelligent countertop garden designed to bring a breath of nature and sunshine to urban homes. It works as a grow light with energy efficient LED bulbs to ensure the plants can grow happily in any condition and provides an ambient light that vividly lights up your kitchen. The glow light also functions as an assistant reminding you to change the water and add nutrients. For the purpose of creating an ambient lighting effect in the room, the light shade is designed to be dome-shaped with a cloudy finish. The very top dome feature serves as a “call-to-action” button. People can easily pat the dome button to turn on/off the light. The shades are conceived to be made of translucent and compostable bioplastic.


In a variety of ways this product celebrates biodiversity and zero waste because it allows for growing of diverse herbs while also using light to add atmosphere and as a functional element to grow the plants. Also, manufacturing with compostable bioplastics ensures a sustainable philosophy.