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Cooking Totem

Product Type:

Cookware Set


The Cooking Totem is a stackable cookware set designed to optimize the use of space in the kitchen and elevate a variety of food moments. Many modern interiors are open concepts where the kitchen is part of the living room and space is limited, therefore we gave the Cooking Totem a compact and iconic profile that encourages people to keep it displayed on the kitchen counter, instead of hiding it in a cabinet. The shape and size of each component were carefully designed to achieve a seamless and attractive unit once assembled. Also, the Totem components can adapt to both cooking and eating scenarios. The detachable handle can be attached to any of the pots for cooking purposes, and once removed, the pots turn into serving bowls.


The solution for this product embraces the concept of diversity in terms of the variety of shapes of each of the components along with the different functionalities (as a cooking tools and a serving tool). The fact that it transforms itself into an object with the potential to be displayed as a decorative item is yet another example of diversity as inspiration.