Ryan Twardzik



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The design of the “Apertivo” was inspired by the iconic shape of a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel. Divided into four sections, Apertivo offers an attractive solution for a happy hour spread featuring our favorite cheese. Built around a structural post, the two stainless steel sections below the removable cutting board swivel outward to form a three-tiered set of trays, ideal for cheese, bread, bruschetta, olives, prosciutto, or other snacks. In the bottom section, there is a cloth covered compartment which holds 2 polished stainless steel cheese knives, inspired by the familiar wedge shape of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The golden yellow cloth recalls the color of the rind. Both functional and beautiful, the Apertivo is a delightful centerpiece - ideal for a cheese that is considered a true Italian Masterpiece.


The Apertivo design incorporates the diversity theme through a variety of materials, like wood, steel, and soft cloth, each offering a different kind of touch, adding to a more enriching experience of use. Also, the Apertivo is made of materials that will do nothing but look better over time. In terms of the aging theme, wood and stainless steel are known for their patina qualities, with every use adding more character and individuality to each piece. The Apertivo is designed to provide enjoyment for a lifetime.