Nicole Tan



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Pasta Making Tools


The hectic pace of today’s life often hinders us from the pleasures of creativity - including the joy of traditional pasta making. Unità is a set of tools conceived to turn pasta making into a fun and convenient process using modern tools, while respecting the traditional methodology. The set includes a rolling pin, a pasta cutter with two different wire cutting sizes, a gnocchi board, a ravioli cutter and a drying rack. Each tool is carefully designed to ensure that the process of pasta making is fun and easy for all age groups. Each tool is designed to produce 1 serving of pasta.


Unità was designed to emphasize the idea of diversity. These tools enable you to make a number of different types of pasta and are fun and easy to use, with the goal to encourage people from different cultures, age groups and lifestyles to enjoy the traditional Italian process of pasta making. The design of the gnocchi roller was lauded by the judges for its ergonomic design, simple and minimalist aesthetic, and efficient functionality.