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Grazie & Bravo

We received nearly 500 entries from Professional Designers and Design Students in cities across the world – and all of us were extremely impressed by the level of quality and creativity of the concepts. The level of passion, commitment and participation by the global design community has been humbling and we’d like to thank and congratulate all of the participants for their talent and creativity.

The Design Challenge
Awards Party

On November 18 the judges, sponsors and representatives of the design and business communities gathered at the Kartell Showroom in NYC, where we showcased an exhibition featuring the work of the Award Winners and announced winner of the Best of Show Award. Take a look at a gallery of photos and movies from the party.


Best of Show
Award Winner

After evaluating the Gold Award Winners in every category, at both the Professional and Student Levels, the judges decided to give the Best of Show Award to Qing Yan, a student at Art Center in Pasadena, CA. Her project, Cillio stood out from the rest in terms of how it leveraged the theme of “authenticity” as inspiration, while developing a design that blends form with functionality as well as nature and tradition – in an original and unique product that is organic and modern all at the same time.


Cillio Cheese Cutlery

Cillio is a set of “Kitchen jewelry” which decorates the home and elevates experience to the level of a “ritual”, while giving the process more playfulness and joy. Inspired by the use of leaves and plants as eating tools in earlier times, Cillio uses natural organic forms to bring nature and tradition to modern society.

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Qing Yan


Qing Yan is a product design student who aims to provide people with delightful and elegant experiences in their daily lives. She strives to build an emotional connection between products and users, and delivers modest solutions with craftsmanship in order to refine the balance between function and aesthetics.


Qing Yan

Qing Yan is a product design student who aims to provide people with delightful and elegant experiences in their daily lives. She strives to build an emotional connection between products and users, and delivers modest solutions with craftsmanship in order to refine the balance between function and aesthetics.


List of Award Winners

Below are the names of the designers and the projects that the judges selected as Award Winners based on the quality and creativity of the concepts.

professional level

Designer: Kebei Li

Project: Bifur

Bifur is a compact digital scale with built-in timer function. In its collapsed state, the linear form allows easy storage and handling. When expanded, the two upper arms pivot out to form a tripod platform for items to be weighed.


Designer: Adrian Perez

Project: Ember

Designed to facilitate baking in small domestic spaces, this portable oven uses the stove’s flame to create ideal conditions for baking. Ember bakes faster and in portions suitable for single households and small families, while also being an ideal solution for tiny living quarters.


Designer: Süheyl Önal

Project: Slant

Both a cheese grater and a plate, Slant lets the cheese rest on top enabling diners to pass the cheese grater at the table as easily and conveniently as passing a plate to a another guest. After all, the most authentic part of a dining experience is the idea of sharing food.


student level

Designer: Taylor Spencer

Project: Hands On Cookware

This user friendly cookware set uses tactile elements to communicate the temperature of the pan, the amount of time required to cook a meal, the location of the spatula, and the location of the pan relative to the burner – helping to establish confidence and joy while cooking for people who are visually impaired.


Designer: Gracie Daniel

Project: Zenaida

Zenaida is a reimagining of the traditional gnocchi board. The angle of the grooves makes rolling gnocchi easier, eliminating the need to balance the board during rolling. The use of a natural material and organic form were inspired by nature giving the piece warmth, doubling as a sculptural piece when not in use.


Designer: Luigi Annese and Sabrina Casilla

Project: Amerò

An authentic yet modern version of the traditional pasta maker, Amerò is an act of love meant to be the starting point of a family dinner and an expression of love and culture. Amerò itself is a piece of art inviting its users to become artist in the kitchen.


professional level

Designer: Kickie Chudikova

Project: Love Birds

Inspired by nature, this Salt and Pepper Shaker set resembles two kissing birds that sit with you at the table, with the beaks magnetically connected, keeping moisture out. Made from polished stainless steel, this sculptural design elevates the dining experience brings a spark of joy into your life!


Designer: Ed Ko

Project: Duet

The Duet allows the user to dispense precise and controlled portioning of grated cheese, while bringing a sense of elegance to the process of grating cheese at the table. Inspired by authenticity, the Duet Grater is an expression of simplicity and minimalism to the table.


Designer: Olga Bueva

Project: Manta

Inspired by the endangered Manta Ray species, the design of the handles features a void located in the center of the cutlery, making them lighter while also reducing the use of material. The Manta cutlery reminds us about unnecessary consumption, and the need to use our resources wisely.


student level

Designer: Qing Yan

Project: Cillio

Cillio is a set of “kitchen jewelry” which brings cheese tasting to a ritual level. Inspired by the leafs which were used as eating tools in ancient times, Cillio transforms natural organic shapes into modern forms that are both practical and beautiful.


Designer: Aleksander Chistiakov

Project: Fuso

Italian cuisine is defined by simplicity and the authenticity of the ingredients. Similarly, the design of this plate is minimal yet unique. The asymmetrical and sensual shape is both naturally organic and very modern – resulting in a beautiful pedestal for the food being served.


Designer: Sarah Lau

Project: Flusso

The spiraling form of this stainless steel paper towel holder becomes a sculptural centerpiece that reminds us about how life flows and evolves in cycles over time – just like the paper towels start as a plant, are transformed into paper, and eventually become part of nature again.


professional level

Designer: Nicolas de Vismes

Project: Loop

The “Loop Chair” is fully customizable, durable and stackable – offering the perfect balance between comfort and convenience. The timeless design makes it fitting for any type of spaces but it is especially suited to be around a table while enjoying a fine meal.


Designer: Alan Hung

Project: Cup

The ergonomic design is inspired by a vessel made to hold food, and delivers comfort while dining. The singular form of the base and the legs embrace the shell of the chair. The separate materials are tightly connected with each other – the same way different ingredients come together to make a harmonious dish.


Designer: Alan Hung

Project: Bi

The back rest of the Bi chair is split from a single solid wood into two pieces offering a larger area for back support, can be customized with upholstery or used as a handle to move the chair. The design concept and materials are inspired by the memories of splitting wood which we used to build a fire for cooking outside.


student level

Designer: Lulu Pennell

Project: Opal

The unique center divet transforms this table into an opportunity for an experience. By lowering the plane of the centerpiece the decorations at the center feel less intrusive, prioritizing the company and authentic conversation while sharing a meal together.


Designer: Johannes Wurster

Project: Hempa

This stool is made from a fully compostable composite material derived from hemp fibers and shives, the woody inner portion of the hemp stalk. The stool can be assembled without any tools. The soft hemp fiber surface makes sitting very comfortable and gives it a unique, natural look – while also being durable yet compostable.


Designer: Stephen He

Project: Hybrid

Made with a versatile, and extremely comfortable cork shell, this chair can be used for dining or remote working. The use of cork, cast aluminum, and machined wood celebrate the authenticity of sustainable raw materials that can
stand the test of time, and are still beautiful as they age.


List of Finalists

Out of almost 500 entries, the judges selected a list of Finalists based on the number of votes each entry received. From that group they identified the projects that would win Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards. Although the projects listed below did not win a specific Award, the designers listed below should feel pride in the fact that their entries stood out from the rest. We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and offer our special gratitude and congratulations to the people who made this list. Thank you for doing exceptional work.

1 Bernard Mitchell Professional Sitting Seating
2 Pablo Salgado Professional Sitting Silla tubular
3 Chris Granneberg Professional Sitting Chair
4 Juhi Solanki Professional Cooking Cheese grater and tray
5 Simon Colabufalo Professional Eating Aluminium bowl
6 Fernando Casanova Student Eating Entree plates
7 Jason Begue Professional Eating Set: cutting board + cheese knives
8 Igor Mitin Professional Eating Cheese knife set
9 Anurag jagdish Sarda Student Cooking A set of pour over coffee equipment
10 Nori Inoue Professional Cooking Spice mill
11 Jorge Macedo Professional Sitting Sideboard
12 Isabella Aragon becerra Student Eating Dishes collection and experience
13 Fernando Motta Professional Sitting Chairs and barstools
14 Thor Høy Professional Eating Pitcher, high ball, low ball and wine glass
15 Petros Stambolis Professional Eating Cheese knife/herb chopper
16 Dominic montante Montante Professional Cooking Hard cheese mill
17 Jason Begue Professional Eating Set: grater / cutting board / bowl
18 Meltem Eti proto Professional Cooking * food storage container and serving dish
19 Veronica Modesto Professional Sitting Coffee table book (or not)
20 Ivana Dobiášová Professional Sitting Chair
21 Oomung Varma Student Sitting Purse stool
22 Tommaso Silluzio Student Eating Tasting service
23 Akrapon Tanawattanacharoen Student Eating Cutlery
24 Sergio Pannella Professional Cooking Pasta dryer
25 Fabricio Ronca Professional Eating Table , tray, serving.
26 Jason Begue Professional Eating Cheese knives
27 Cara Jordan-miller Student Eating Spoons
28 Steven dahlinger Dahlinger Student Cooking Fermentation vessel
29 Ana noncheva Noncheva Student Eating Table top light
30 Tallaat haddad Haddad Professional Eating Knives, forks, and spoons
31 Reinna micaella Biaca Professional Cooking Knives and knife stand
32 Dana Beatrice corina Student Cooking Food slicer
33 Carlos alberto González Professional Sitting Stools and tables
34 Robert Smith Professional Cooking Cutting board
35 Zsuzsa kun Kun Professional Cooking Grater
36 Eduardo Baroni Professional Sitting Chair
37 E ian Siew Student Sitting Chair
38 Paul richard Mayer Professional Sitting Chair
39 Katy yuelapwan Yuelapwan Student Eating Dinnerware
40 Reka Dobor Student Cooking Grater
41 Eshaan Kothari Student Sitting Height adjustable bar stool
42 Milena Wandel Student Eating Spice set
43 Bohan Yu Student Cooking Colander
44 Nathan Staas Professional Sitting Chair
45 Denny Priyatna Professional Sitting Bar/drinks/tea trolley
46 Theodore Atuluku Professional Cooking Measuring cups
47 Mellissa Gao Student Cooking Bottle cap for condiment
48 Anderson Horta Professional Cooking Baking tool kit
49 Paul Haigh Professional Sitting Sideboard/console table
50 Natalie Schaake Student Sitting Dining chair
51 Thomas Lehman Professional Eating Parmigiano container and server, oil and balsamic dispenser bottles and a pasta serving bowl

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Our distinguished panel of judges includes design professionals with stellar reputations in the industry, providing contestants with valuable exposure to highly influential thought-leaders.



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